Tue Apr 11 2023
Tue Apr 11 2023

Legal & Regulatory

We offer legal and regulatory assistance to our clients navigating the Ethiopian business landscape. 

In this aspect, our services include: 

  • Completing jurisdictional questionnaires,
  • Conducting research and regulatory assessment in specific areas of investment.
  • Drafting reports and issuing legal opinions.

Recent Work Highlights

  • Regulatory assessment on the feasibility of government and cooperative-owned mini-grids in Ethiopia
  • Regulatory advice in connection with a study on the financial services ecosystem in Ethiopia;
  • Conducting a feasibility study on potential mini-grid solutions to industrial parks.
  • Advising on a regulatory framework for off-grid energy solutions in humanitarian settlements.
  • Advising on the regulatory framework for the solar electrification of public institutions.
  • Assisting university-led research on the challenges of procuring independent power projects in Ethiopia.


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